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by croc E moses

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FenG shweet 02:56
so all this ranting begat the raging which begat a beat and the beat root which begat the pace and the pulse and the peace pace and the pulse and the peace which begat magic and the sense of common suspense which begat you as you you as your own travel agent extraordinaire in secular soul aspiring to drizzle can you hear the fuzz so what's the fuzz? well....it's the rain river radio talking to itself like a loud liquid mirror laughing up unlimited litres of unleaded passion can you hear the fuzz it's sheer quantum leap year bliss pure constant feng shweet strip poetry omni potent can you hear the fuzz it's like hot coals blushing on tip toe of mystery mother tongue rhythm is the decision rhythm is the rhythm is the rhythm is the decision three hundred and sixty five years a day that's the fuzz you're the fuzz i'm the fuzz this is all the fuzz this is the fuzz at it's best it could be that every day is a new universe it doesn't get better than this right here right now can you feel it can you feel the fuzz feeling you
it’s hard to stay soft when there’s an empire on the loose frost bite cancer kiss on the loop with no justice just justification there’s no justice just constant justification after justification it’s hard to stay soft when half strangers spit and cry laughter in your face c a u s e t h e y ’ r e l o s t a n d d u m b f o u n d in everyman’s land lost and dumbfound in everyman’s land it’s hard to stay soft w h e n y o u f i n d i t ’ s y o u r t u r n to fall pregnant with your heart coming out of exile hearts coming out of exile it’s hard to stay soft when forced to reach beyond beyond beyond dimension beyond skin exceeding even faith in each other’s pain releasing lovehopefear the chaos of allowing knowing there’s no waste of darkness there’s no waste of darkness that’s why we listen to Blak Sonshine it’s hard to stay soft even harder because we get to fulfill this contradiction together even harder to unlock bigger picture focus to go future free when the future isn’t what it used to be the future isnt what it used to be it’s hard to stay soft s t a y a s y o u c a n
half assed half assed like the mist the backward pattern i am murky in all my otherness…i am emergent insurgent detergent i am the brink of evaporation…tasting bleach i am frozen in liquidation...the melting con tinues a merciless con fusion......an inevitable con dition humanity thou great expanding con artist going c e m e n t e m e n t a l i too am going cementemental it’s my bad altitude hinting hinting because i’m forgetting forgetting that the past won’t forget me that doesn’t mean it’s coming back obviously the past isn’t coming back it’s always been here right here full of echo a s h a d o w t h a t n e v e r g r o o m s t h e p a s t i s r e s i d e n t r e s i d u e s c h i z o t o x i n s o f b l u e unhinged and loitering rent free in my soul the past is living rent free in my soul so much so i’m disgusted and disguised with this kind of sediment ancient shit for sediment so much so i’m rapped rapped in shrink wrap just another aversion to myself trying to undream undream my own straight jacket skin it is here spread out on the inside that i’m desperate to find somewhere safe safe safe safe from myself it is here i can confess i am c e m e n t e m e n t a l definitely cementemental i can admit i’ve been loaded loaded in subatomic sentimental drift a borderline magician a dubious flowtician a slippery constant you can’t follow a slippery constant like drinking l i k e d r i n k i n g w a t e r i discover myself drinking water but never tasting it...why tell me have i become this tasteless this overdue this gentle in my numbness this cementemental
i buy you hand made soap take you home and make you soup cause it’s winter and because your book says you’re a luxury besides you’re feeling nubile for awhile y o u w a n t t o s m e l l l i k e v a n i l l a b e c a u s e y o u k n o w i ’ m a h u n t e r it’s not quite kwaito it’s kwantum kwaito like a boom like a boom boom looming like the flinting the flirting the floating it draws us to go there to gather together a k i n d o f p i c n i c s t y l e m i s c h i e f remember mischief is a team sport like a boom like a boom boom looming t h e s m e l l o f s o m e t h i n g r i s i n g in the mists of our bread sheets BLOOM boom boom and so there we are dipping into each other h e l p i n g o u r s e l v e s t o h a p p i n e s s a contagious kind of come uppance a real live love in the deep lane l i v e l o v e i n t h e d e e p l a n e we live love in the deep lane where the dipping has us dripping dripping into each other at last at last not lost we are not lost we find because we meet the golden bass beat w h e r e p e a r l p e a c h m e e t w e f i n d b e c a u s e w e m e e t pure uncut flavour pure uncut flower u n c u t f l a v o u r u n c u t f l o w e r this is the source of super normal deliciousness o f c o u r s e w e w a n t t h i s f o r e v e r but now will do now will definitely do i t ’ s a s e x c e s s i v e c e l e b r a t i o n where a little vanity never hearts because we’re feeding back to our souls at last not lost we are not lost w e f i n d b e c a u s e w e m e e t the golden bass beat where pearl peach meet b l o o m b o o m b o o m of course, of course we want this forever but now will do, now will definitely do live love, live at lot of love in the deep lane l i v e l o v e i n t h e d e e p l a n e this is the source this is the source of super normal deliciousness, happiness h e l p y o u r s e l f t o h a p p i n e s s don’t forget mischief is a team sport that’s us at the scene of the cream m i s c h i e f i s a t e a m s p o r t it’s not quite kwaito its kwantum kwaito l e t s g o s i x t y / s i x t y I love my lover cause she loves love I love my lover cause she loves love...I love we don’t say good bye we say good night d o n ’ t s a y g o o d b y e s a y g o o d n i g h t
are you the plus? does that make me poes minus…why? why still so heartless and so very headloose? i show myself.................. you show yourself i show you my line you show me your line good idea because the line is so fine between you and me…best friend best enemy s o o n e r o r l a t e r w e b e c o m e t h e g u i n e a p i g s g o n e g u i n e a f o u l because we’re stuck on the sourface of our souls in this situation there’s no peace o f m i n d j u s t p r i c e o f m i n d it’s called prisis did you get that i t ’ s c a l l e d p r i s i s i t ’ s a c r i s s c r o s s c r i s i s when the referee blows her whistle s h e b l o w s h e r r i p p l e o n m e it’s a red card penalty on the periphery it’s called sleeping with the frenemy when i fell in love with my best friend’s mother imagine my mother and her chemicals of anger precious just makes pressure precious poisonous pressure yes that was me in the proverbial bubble sooner or later double trouble it was hectic...hectic hectic hectic it’s beyond poetic…i’ve been there over fi fteen years ago i was there and now i know why there’s no sympathy like symphony so obviously i was achin then i was taken i was taken ablack taken ablack when the graffiti warned about the whiteness that burns now i see the inversion rather than the con version and yet still we all will continue to blame someone always us and them a kind of random ransom like my other so called brothers in the chemical Breeze no fetish for my goalkeeping just Fetish for Virgin rekid company check! it’s nobody’s checkmate…it’s just stalemate all the rocks that are gonna fall have already fallen it’s not fair but that’s not what gets us anywhere this could happen to you too you and yourselfyou and your lover any of your long lost brothers and sisters all shooting each other up with our minds pumping heart shaped bullets along invisible lines sending heat seeking missiles disguised as love remember....remember torque is tricky fi nger on the trigger is always sticky precious just makes pressure precious poisonous pressure we got to realize every minute of every hour we’re either best of friends best of enemies everybody best of frenemies at least we’re equal when we sleep rest assured we are equal when we sleep so people it’s about seeing yourself being seen l e t ’ s g e t b a c k t o b a s i c e y e c o n t a c t see yourself being seen like soul in the soldier souldiers please drop your shoulders please please don’t police the peace make space make space make space calling all frenemies of the state know that we are raping raping the mystery when we should be rapping rapping about the love mastery o n e f i n e m a s t e r p e a c e no more disaster please got to, frenemies we got to deserialise our seriousness derealise our deliriousness for good’s sakes let go, let god f o r g i v e y o u r e n e m y f o r g i v e y o u r f r i e n d family frenemy again and again so start removing your armor everybody praise the new knights in shining drama everybody unite in shining drama e v e r y b o d y j u s t s h i n e like Madiba said who are you not to shine and by the way they’re still my best friends they’re still my best enemies they are my favourite frenemies
maybe you get down for the week maybe you get up for the weekend let me sing for you happy friday to you ok ok.... i’ll stop ...enough’s enough you’ve probably heard nuf about enuf come on at least let me thank you for winning and thank you for loosing the long months of copious winter coffee where the clouds stash halos on Devil’s peak c o u l d b e d a n g e r i n t h e m a n g e r because the head is homeless homeless the head is homesick without the heart call it what you want but this sounds like freelance freeking to me reeling from orbit to orbit hopscotch boredom hopscotch boredom peeling in yoyo recoil where are we where are we if we are always spinning s p i n n i n g a t a c e r t a i n s p e e d in a very uncertain gear shifty kind of sticky gear shifty kind of sticky year nix is nodig that means nothing is necessary nothing is as we thought hmmm...i guess we all get to be dumbfounded in the fun folded flippant time hopefully everybody downloading mind searching like a little sniff snoopy snoof sniff snoopy snoof oh there it is major dot to dot deja vu deja vu deja vu deja vu danger vu hands up all escapists and freedom fools we are floating too high on disguise from all the attraction to distraction all the man made magic the messy dreams it’s throwing us into i-density crisis it’s throwing us into i-density crises where are we if we are always spinning at a certain speed in a very uncertain gear shifty kind of sticky gear shifty kind of spiffy loop nix is nodig feedback loop formula one loop F1 feedback loop..loop...loop who says repitition cant be a form of change
do you do you do you l i e i n s t e r e o do you ever get the urge to rewind the radio do you play attention play attention and listen to your pillow do you pay to play do you smile when you pray do you pray do you plant do you have a plant do you love your plant do you know your plant is in love with you do you do you state the oblivious if it’s obvious do you do you remember last december nevermind nirvana in november do you find your own fault lines fun funny fine your spine is actually fine do you get bored with subconscious cheat on your blindness do you hide the crack in your face make the mirror nervace do you know your weakness is this strong do you know you’ve just broken your own record do you curse all your could haves your would haves well damnit you should have do you resist symmetry for your own sanity do you ever think the mercenaries will take up t r i p h o p d r u m i n do your words become a weapon when you sit still with a pen do you pull your punctures punish with unsent letters do you b u r n t h e b r e a d b o a r d do you binge from the fringe do you p a n i c do you p a n i c do you p a n i c do you meet your bullet your drop(s) to dust do you risk or do you rust do you dig for stars do you search for the drips i mean do you search for the tap do you m i s s … t h e d r i p s … a t t h e d o o r do you seize to believe because you cease to believe do you fondle your billion honour the thief within…or do you pass the cushion get the treasure off your chest do you hear the bleeding only now indulge in healing do you unzip your mind do you lean on the ceiling do you practice left hand dishwashing now close your eyes and try it with no hands do you feel better because you fail better do you stalk yourself for loop wholes grow young grow young as you glow old do you see do you see pink churches on the border to the heartland
twenty two past twenty two h u n d r e d h o u r s too late like sunburn? surely must be making all the right mistakes by now it’s not so big and painful now knowing enough about enough enough to notice red candle waxing stereo with moon surrendering skyline l a s t r e m a i n i n g goose bumps persist seed smiles insist d r i n k a b l e l a u g h a b l e b r e a t h a b l e b e l i e v a b l e like poet on strike kneeling at brook kissing reflections


Much foolzball was played to ease the joy of finishing this album. This project started in 1992 as an experiment in slow birth quake, to see how poems might music. Crossroads, gameroads at long last the experiment is over....i think.
The root of this album lies in the power of word and voice. When the poems were written they were structured and intended as talking songs maybe even incantations. After performing them many times at open mic and slam poetry sessions they acquired a voice of their own. This voice seemed to express music. So we listened and this album is the result.
Most sounds on this album come straight form the crocadil's mouth. The music was composed by sampling, looping and layering different sounds from croc E to create soundscapes appropriate for each poem. It is these soundscapes that became the backbone of the tracks on this album.


released September 11, 2006

All lyrics by croc E moses.
Written, performed, produced and mostly by croc E moses.

In collaboration with:
Bruce Muzik
Koos Turenhout
Simon 'Fuzzy' Ratcliffe | Sound & Motion Studios

Cover conceptualised, design and produced by croc E moses
In association with Cath Crookes | New Leaf Design
Foozball graphic by Egon Nadia

A Sound Sprung Release
Copyright croc-e-moses 2006 | Funny BoneMusic 2006


all rights reserved



croc E moses Cape Town, South Africa

Born an April fool in sub arctic Canada, croc E moses is now somewhat global African, having lived over half his life in Swaziland and South Africa. This temperature graduate is now finally poetically licensed. Clever fooligan has made all the right mistakes and has self-realised his irrelevance.

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